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A greater crime than war profiteering?



TWe’re all well aware of how speculators have helped to destroy the home sales market. Now they are doing the same for food.  When did you ever think you’d see a headline like this?

Financial speculators reap profits from global hunger


It just seems to me that this is grotesquely immoral, that these grinning loons are shown on the news every day, waving their arms around, bidding like crazy for commodities, while there are food riots on almost every continent in the world.

This is on an equal level with - if not a greater crime - than war profiteering.

In Haiti, cookies made of dirt, salt and vegetable shortening have become a regular meal for many families.

And smug men and women around the world are making a nice profit from this.

What to do? Oh, I know - let’s have a Congressional Hearing - that’ll solve everything.



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