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Fayetteville: Waiving parking fees a love song to elitism



The Fayetteville City Council needs to put the kibosh on this whole free downtown parking idea for folks who drive the most fuel-efficient cars. For many, this isn’t so much about rewarding those who care about the environment, as “punishing” those who simply can’t afford to buy one of the things.


Because it somehow presupposes that people don’t own the fuel-efficient vehicles out of choice - that everyone can afford one, but not everyone chooses to buy one. This is specious logic at its finest.

I’m not sure at which wine-and-cheese gathering this silly idea originated, but it should have died there. If it passes it will only be seen as elitist and snobbish, and be seen as anti-working class.

And that translates as “anti-Fayetteville resident.”


Fayetteville Square takes a tumble

Wow - what a mess!

Any bets on the farmer’s Market not opening on schedule? If not, who will step forward and publicly accept the blame?


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