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Iraq invasion - five years later



Five years ago Tracy and I were in New Orleans, just prior to our glorious invasion of Iraq. She was there to attend a  conference, and I - being the eternal sightseer - came along for the ride.

As I was waiting for her to come put of her session for the day, I watching a peace demonstration outside the conference center, and found myself in conversation with a fellow in a wheelchair, who was also waiting for his wife to come out of the same session.

Anticipating the president's speech on television that night, I expressed my opinion that going into Iraq would be a disaster.

Looking at me with what I felt at the time was undisguised contempt, he said, “It’ll be a cake walk, just like last time.” With that, he moved himself away.

I wonder how he feels now?


Brenda Moossy - a community responds

Around $8,000 raised at at the benefit for Brenda Moossy yesterday. This is why we live in Fayetteville, my friends.

In a previous blog, one of the numbers was off in the address to send donations to. Here is the correct address.

OPWC (Ozark Poets and Writers Collective)
P.O. Box 3717
Fayetteville, AR 72702-3217


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