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Why emphasis only on home ownership?



While it is commendable - to put it mildly - that the Partners for Better Housing (created by members of the Fayetteville Housing Authority) is taking steps toward  obtaining federal funding for housing for elderly and disabled residents, I still can't help but feel that there are hundreds of poeple in this community who are being sort of ignored.

Sometimes I wish that people would take a look at other housing issues in Fayetteville, such as rents that are too high for working class people to afford, or the shameful practice of evicting people so that developments (some that never actually get built) can come about.

And some of the living conditions in these rental properties are far from ideal.

Far from ideal - boy, that phrase covers a multitude of sins.

Why does all the emphasis have to be on home ownership?

Or am I just spitting into the wind on all this?


Better start paying more attention, folks.

“At Least 5 Die in South in Rare Midwinter Storms,” reads the headline on tonight’s online edition of the New York Times. But they aren’t so rare anymore, are they?

Tornadoes swept across Arkansas, Tennessee and Mississippi on Tuesday, killing at least five people and injuring several others in a rare midwinter outbreak of violent weather.

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Super Tuesday not so Super after all?

Kind of like a Christmas where you got mostly socks and underwear, this “Super” Tuesday is leaving me a bit underwhelmed. It’s great that so many people turned out to vote, but no clear winner has iemerged n the Democratic Party yet. Wasn’t that what one of the things this was supposed to do?

Of course, like those creepy cardigan sweaters and containers of Old Spice we get at Christmas,  one creepy present we got this year was the scary specter of Mike Huckabee, being far more successful than one might have given him credit for.

On the other hand, it may all lead to a convention fight. That would be fun.


Election memory - 1972

When we were stationed at Zweibrucken, Germany, in 1972, I stayed up one night and listened to the Democratic national convention on my transistor radio, just to hear George McGovern officially get the nomination.

That was pretty exciting. I had to listen to the radio, because even though we had the American Forces Network, live feeds from the States were still pretty rare at that time.


I never drink . . . wine

There was great rejoicing at our house Saturday night. To get the bad smell  of AFA’s “They’re Coming to Your Town” out of our house, we sat down and enjoyed the 1977 BBC production of “Count Dracula,” starring Louis Jordan.

Coming in at just over two and a half hours long, it’s one of the better versions of the Bram Stoker novel to be found.  For my money, it puts a stake right through the heart of the Gary Oldman version.



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