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Way to go, U.S. Post Office



I have a bad back - and a weak mind, some would say - from a lifetime of working in factories. Though it’s true that sometimes I was able to glom onto a job that didn’t require a lot of physical labor, there were substantial periods when when I worked my butt off.

Ah - those years at Mexican Original, throwing hundred pound chunks of flour dough over your head into machines. And that’s actually kind of fun, too, you know. Still, your body pays the price over time.

Walking on concrete floors. Lifting, packing, pulling. And most of this was in the days before we knew about ergonomics. My back is a mess, kids.

As a result of all this fun stuff, I am disabled, drawing a monthly check from the good folks from the U.S. Government. So it’s sort like Christmas every month when my check gets here - though it all goes for bills in a matter of days.

Yesterday as Tracy and I were getting back from her radiation treatment, I realized my check hadn’t arrived.


“It will probably get here tomorrow,” my infinitely saner - and calmer - wife said as I was hyperventilating.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” I conceded. But as we got to our driveway, something made me walk over to my neighbor’s mailbox. This is the same neighbor who moved out several weeks ago, by the way.

You already see this coming, don’t you?

Lo and behold, in my neighbor’s mailbox, was my disability check.

I guess my next move is either to get Direct Deposit, or a P.O. Box for any checks I have delivered - not only for this, but for the couple of checks I get every month for my writing.

I’m still pretty annoyed, though.


Our first winter blizzard!

Well, as much of one as Fayetteville is likely to see any more. I still recall actual snowstorms here.

One of my best winter memories:

After a snowstorm hit Fayetteville in the late 1970s, I was on Dickson Street, and a man was riding his horse down the street. And no, it wasn’t a rip in the space/time continuum. 

I wonder when local weathermen will actually talk about Global Warming? 

When Hell freezes over, probably.


On the Air with Ray Dotson

Yes, the former City Council member, and former KOFC talk radio host who mangles the English language will be a guest on my show next week. We had quite a lively conversation, especially near the end of interview, when we began talking about the “liberal media,” and his belief that weapons of mass destruction had indeed been found in Iraq.

Show times:

Monday - 7pm
Tuesday - noon
Wednesday - 6pm

As always, C.A.T. is available on Channel 18 of the Cox channel line-up in Fayetteville. C.A.T. not available outside Fayetteville? Call Cox Cable and ask them to make it available. It never hurts to ask.


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