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Leasing Mexican Original building to ACCC a cruel joke?


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It seems churlish to note this, when we are in the spirit of brotherly love and all that, but you have to wonder what possessed the city of Fayetteville to buy the Mexican Original building on Huntsville Road in the first place?

I gotta tell ya - if they give a lease to the Arkansas Community Creative Center to use the property, it would only be a cruel joke. Hmm, is anyone connected with the original sale of the property to the city is now involved with the ACCC?

Almost every time it rains, I either get emails, or I run into former Mexican Original employees, who chortle - and yes, they do - about the roof on the M.O. building, and how it used to come cascading down in certain parts of the plant when it rained.

I know this for a fact; I used to try and navigate a forklift past puddles of rain. But hey, what do people who actually worked in the building know?

Just sell the damn thing.

CNN and the Christmas Miracle

A couple of days before Christmas, CNN ran a documentary on the life of Jesus Christ. Oddly enough, there seemed to be a whole lot more emphasis on the crucifixion than on the birth in a manger story.

Besides using up Easter material early, one could only be struck by how much time was spent on the pain and humiliation of crucifixion. Now, that’s Christmas viewing for the whole family.

One can only imagine the thoughts going through the minds of wide-eyed children on Christmas Eve. while they lay in their beds:

Are those reindeer on the roof, or Roman Centurions?



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