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So the city of Fayetteville wants to eliminate the position of Cable Administrator, only to sort of re-create it, under a different name?  What planet does that make sense on?

Is anybody actually paying attention to this stuff?  Is the City Council paying attention to this sleight of hand on the part of the Coody Administration?

I keep getting warned that if I persist in being critical of the Coody administration I will be on the short list to be Candy Clarked. We’ll see what develops . . .


On the Air with Angie Graves

Next week a very interesting guest, Angie Graves, will appear on my show.

Graves and her husband founded the Jackson L. Graves Foundation in memory of their son, who was born eight weeks premature at University Hospital in Little Rock several years ago, with an abdominal wall birth defect. After his death they began the foundation in hopes of helping other families who might find themselves in the same situation.

>From the website http://www.jacksongraves.org/:

"The Jackson L. Graves Foundation will provide funding devoted to the research of innovative neonatal intensive care and long-term neonatal and/or pediatric intensive care, with a focus on projects with a potential for high impact that may not otherwise be funded or considered."

Among other projects they are involved with, the Foundation is helping to fund a special project at the Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock, which will be a dedication of space and staffing for a "Transitional Care Unit" for long-term, critically ill infants.

The complete story of Jackson Graves, and the journal his parents kept can be viewed at: http://www.jacksongraves.org/jackson.htm.

Show times:

Monday, Dec. 3 - 7pm
Tuesday, Dec. 4 - noon
Saturday, Dec. 8 - 6pm


Quote of the Day

Why do things that happen to stupid people keep happening to me? - Homer Simpson



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