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Getting frostbite for my new TV



Ah - Thanksgiving Day news - could it honestly be that nothing really happens but feeding the hungry and people lining up for Black Friday sales? If people want heartwarming stories they can watch Lifetime - give me some news, damn it!

One bizarre news report was about an entire family  camping out in front of a popular electronics store. Actually, the whole piece was sort of a glorified ad for the store in question.

What amused (and frightened me, a little - be honest, Drake) was the matriarch of the family saying that they passed the time away during the night by reading the store sales catalog.

Thank God it had lots of pictures.

It might be nice sometime when a television station runs these pieces showcasing people who wait in line for ages in the cold darkness, if they would interview a mental health professional.

But then, I guess that would offend the retailers who buy ad time on the station.


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