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C.A.T. critics finally getting what they want?



While people can’t really say that they can be surprised if C.A.T. and the Government Channel take some sort of hit in the current financial crisis hitting the city of Fayetteville, the proposed $70,000 cut is an amount that some see as a potentially crippling blow to one of the most successful programs the city of Fayetteville has ever supported.

From the Northwest Arkansas Times:


The proposal also includes $ 70, 000 in cuts labeled “ departmental  reorganization” for the Cable Administration and Long Range Planning. Becker,  after the meeting, would not explain those cuts and deferred to Gary Dumas, director of operations.

When asked whether reorganization meant that people will be fired, Dumas only repeated” a memo will be released Friday. “

Both Community Access Television and the Government Channel have helped to make Fayetteville’s electorate one of the most informed in the state - as well as giving them an ability to speak out on local issues.

Both channels have made the mayor’s office less than happy over the years. Many of those critical of Dan Coody have used C.A.T. to discuss his policies.

Odd that the “memo” that will be released Friday will come the day after the November Telecomm Board meeting, when such a “departmental reorganization” should be discussed publicly. So much for respect - not only for process, but for the people of Fayetteville.

Long-time C.A.T. critic Joey Dutton was busy this past week communicating with City Hall with his own PEG Center “restructuring” plan. Dutton, who lives in Houston, likes to refer to C.A.T. as a “cult.”

It would be interesting if the Public and Government part of the PEG system found themselves threatened, but the Educational part sailed through without financial scratch.

Would it really be a PEG system after all that?

I guess we’ll have to wait till Friday, and the much anticipated memo.


Product placement and ABC News

Watching ABC World News last night during a piece on how the rising cost of gas was affecting American consumers, the on-air correspondent did a run down, saying that for the extra amount Americans were paying for gas, they could purchase several items for their families - including two Dell laptop computers for their kids.

Wow - not just any computers, but Dell computers. Since when did they become the only computer company in the world?

Maybe folks at ABC should wear a bracelet around their wrists, with the letters, WWPJD - What Wouldn’t Peter Jennings Do?


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