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Dan Coody - the last hurrah?



As expected, the latest round of “Dan Coody is as a god among men” letters have begun appearing in the papers. There is an air of desperation about the latest batch, as if even these stalwart Coody supporters realize that the only thing left to do is keep the old troops in line. Recruitment of new supporters may be close to impossible.


The last word on Mike Masterson
Sometimes Life just gives you this stuff

I’ve gotten several favorable responses to my piece on Mike Masterson’s strange column, “Dads and their belts,’ which ran in the Democrat-gazette this week.  So I decided to check Google and see if anyone else had posted anything about Comrade Mike and his corporal punishment tirade.

So I typed in “Mike Masterson - spanking,” and to my surprise - but I confess to my delight - I discovered that there is a Michael Masterson out there in the Internet universe who keeps up his own blog devoted to “spanking.” Below is the address, for anyone who thinks I made this stuff up. Caution: It’s exactly what you think it is, and has pictures. So, there is a huge yuck factor involved.


Then again, yuck is just one of the words to describe Mike’s “Bruises on the leg mean you never have say you’re sorry” column.


How hard can it be to find a simple movie?

Last year I waited in vain for “A Christmas Carol” starring Alaister Sim,  my  favorite holiday movie,  to come on television. So this year I resolved to buy it.

I went to one popular video store, and the clerk said, “Well, we’ve got like nine versions in our computer, but the only dates we have listed are the dates they were released on DVD.”

Yeah, that’s a great system.

I ended up going to the Evil Empire, Wal-Mart, and buying a copy. While I was at it, I also bought “The Muppet Christmas Carol,” with Michael  Caine as Scrooge. If you haven’t seen this one, you are missing a real treat. Caine plays it absolutely straight, and in a lot of ways, it’s one of the closest versions of the Dickens classic you’ll ever see.

I’ve often suspected that not all the Muppets are actually alive, though - except for Kermit and Gonzo. I have no doubt at all that they are real.

It’s true - I am a simple man.  

Another great holiday movie is “The Man Who Came to Dinner,” with Monty Wooly. It is fully my intention one day to evolve into the Wooly character. Not the fame and fortune the character has - though I wouldn’t turn it down -   but the great role of Sheridan Whiteside that Wooly plays.

If Tracy wasn’t around to keep me in check, I could be this guy . . .


Quote of the Day

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. - Jorge Luis Borges



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