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Is Dickson Street recession proof?


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A question that many long-time Dickson Street watchers have pondered for some time:

Is Dickson Street recession proof?

The answer used to be a resounding “yes!” But that was before so many upscale business settled in. Used to be, upscale businesses sat side by side with business that catered to folks with more modest incomes.

That was before it became an “Entertainment District.”

Entertainment District.

Entertainment District.

No, after all these years it still sounds pretentious.

One bad recession might have Dickson looking a little like it did a few short years ago.


Stupid ideas Department

Politicians want stores to recycle plastic bags

The Daily News - October 29

The damn things fall apart now before you get them in the house - now they want to make stores reuse them?



Trashing a classic

I finally watched the remake of the great film, “The Wicker Man” this weekend. A really stupid movie for really, really - well,  not so bright folks. A great - and funny - dissection of the movie can be found at:

There are good horror films out there. Sometimes the really scary part is wading through all the garbage to get to them.


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