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Mike Masterson versus the mainstream media



Yesterday I was reading Mike Masterson in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, and was taken aback by his carping about the “mainstream media,” and the “corporate-owned media.”

Sometimes I agree with Mike, sometimes I don’t. But I always think it’s sort of silly when someone who is employed by an organization with millions of dollars at its disposal to whine about “main stream media” - or the MSM, as our inbred cousins at Free Republic like to refer to it.

Hoss, you are part of the mainstream media - “just another brick in the wall.”

It ain’t just Mike Masterson; all around we have the well-paid journalistic stalwarts at Fox News, Glenn Beck (who works for CNN’s Headline News, for crying out loud!) and Rush Limbaugh,  just to name a few, who make their living from attacking “main-stream media” - you’d think they all thought they were members of a modern-day French underground.

You guys are the mainstream media.


Product placement and “Smallville”

I see that every time a computer is shown on screen on television anymore, the camera almost always seems to hover lovingly on that Dell logo. And so it was on “Smallville” this past week, when Clark was talking to Chloe at the daily Planet.  My annoyance with product placement aside, another thought struck me:

Don’t most newspapers use Macs?

Has my favorite newspaper fallen on hard times?


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