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Bring Down the Moon



DC comics used to have this great place called the Bizarro World, which was sort of an exact opposite of our world. Superman would often find himself stranded there.

I thought of the Bizarro World this morning when I read Lucas Roebuck’s column in the Northwest Arkansas Times - “Spin, Lies and Chip.” It’s basically GOP-spin, with a little bit of JFK thrown in (“Ask not what you can do for your country . . .”), but offered also offered Roebuck’s sweetly naive belief that poor children in America are already covered under Medicaid.

Silly, silly man!

My guess is that Comrade Roebuck would be lost trying to negotiate himself around any of the trailer parks that occupy Washington County. He certainly wouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation with anyone who lives in those homes.

 They certainly wouldn’t be in the mood to listen to any of his sanctimonious lectures.

A friend of mine has a daughter who was turned away from doctor’s offices (while she was pregnant) because she didn’t have a Medicaid card. So you know where her healthcare came from - the emergency room.


Shouldn’t FOX News have some sort of laugh track? Maybe it could be an optional feature on our remote controls?


Next week my show is devoted to the world of Fayetteville and soap operas. And no, it has nothing to do with City Hall.

Raymond Burks has written and produced a Fayetteville based soap opera, “Bring Down the Moon.” It can be seen on C.A.T., as well as YouTube.

In addition to his work on "Bring Down the Moon," Burks is the station manager at KXUA, the student radio station at the University of Arkansas. He also majors in English and Creative Also appearing with Burks will be two actors from his program, Rachel Marlow and Meghann Ashley.

Viewing times:

Monday: 7pm

Tuesday: noon

Saturday: 6pm

"Bring Down the Moon" can be viewed on YouTube by going to:

It can also be seen at My Space at: Additional showings will be:

"Bring Down the Moon" can be seen on C.A.T. Mondays at 6:30 and 10:30, and 1:00am, Wednesday mornings.

As always, C.A.T. can be seen on Channel 18, on Cox Cable in Fayetteville. Those seeking copies of shows, or information about public access can call 444-3433. Gee, if only your city town council respected you enough to provide public access for your town.


Tracy has a break between chemo and radiation, so we are off to South Padre Island for a week, starting Sunday. I may or may not post anything while I am gone.

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