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A little political independence wouldn't kill you, you know



There is a good piece on impact fees (and how the Fayetteville aldermen voted on the issue)  at the great blog site at:


The interesting point is made that Adella Gray Ward One) campaigned on the issue of impact fees, yet turned around and voted against them at the first opportunity. Who knows how she will vote in the future?

Cynical council watchers answer thus:

However Dan Coody wants her to vote.

Maybe it’s time to have a public vote on the issue.


Poet Rebecca Buchanan will be the guest on “On the Air” next week. Running times:

Monday - 7pm
Tuesday - noon
Saturday - 6pm

Buchanan wrote the popular “Over the Rainbow” column for the Ozark Gazette a few years ago. I won’t single out one writer over another, but I will say this: When her writing was great - and it was never bad - it was really great. She is the sort of writer that other writers - including myself - measure themselves against,

 Recently she released a CD of her poetry.

This is the kind of interview I really enjoy doing. Politicians always have a list - short one - of things they want to talk about, and a longer (!) List of stuff they don’t want to talk about.

Artists and writers will talk about anything. I can’t help but feel that audiences like those shows much better.

The Community Access Television schedule can be found in the Living Section of the Northwest Arkansas Times every Sunday; check out what you are missing.


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