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So Stupid a TV network would do it again?



There are things that sometimes you just have to get off your chest.  Times when every fiber of your being cries out for some sort of cosmic justice, for the world to re-balance itself, for Love to conquer hate, and for somebody, somewhere, to show some common sense.

-Ah, you nod - he must be writing about the war in Iraq, or the plight of the working class, or  the gradual erosion of our civil rights. Well, maybe tomorrow. Tonight I’ve just seen another ad for ABC’s “Cavemen,” starring those wacky guys from the Geico commercials, and I’m wondering:

Does nobody else remember the 1966 CBS series, “It’s About Time” - about two plucky American astronauts who wind up back in pre-historic times? You don’t?  Lucky you.

Half-way through the season, when ratings were lower than a pterodactyl’s swan dive, the astronauts found their way back to the 20th Century, bringing their cave friends with them. Obviously, no one at ABC remembers the series, either. In the interests of science, here is part of the original theme song:

"It's About Time, It's About Space,
About Strange People In The Strangest Place.
It's About Time,
It's About Flight,
Travelin' Faster Than The Speed Of Light.
About Space People And A Brave Crew,
As Through The Barrier Of Time They Flew.
Past The Roman Senators,
Past An Armored Knight,
Past The Firing Minutemen,
To This Modern Site.
It's About Time For You And Me
To Meet These People Of Amazing Feats.
It's About Two Astronauts And How They Educate
A Pre-Historic Woman And Her Pre-Historic Mate.
It's About Time
It's About Space
About Strange People In The Strangest Place
They Will Be Here . . .”

There’s more, but I’m not a sadist.


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