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Let's Bring the YouTube approach to Fayetteville. How about it, Dan?



So much on the television and Internet today about how YouTube may have brought about a new "revolution" in presidential debates. Bah, humbug, I say!

All right, it is pretty cool to have ordinary citizens, rather than journalists, ask candidates questions. But you know what would really bring about a much needed revolution in the debate format? If you someone were to remind the candidates that they were once again sliding back into Cliche Land, and weren't actually answering the question that had been asked.

Maybe two unanswered questions in a row, and they had to sit out the rest of the debate? Now, that would be fun.


That being said, it would be kind of fun to bring this YouTube approach to local politics. I am a big fan of the weekly C-Span segment which comes from the British House of Commons, when the Prime Minister has to answer questions. I always have fantasies of George Bush appearing before Congress in such a manner.

Well, nothing wrong with fantasy.

In Fayetteville, we have an asset known as the Government Channel, which shows government meetings from start to finish, and many informational programs about the city government and departments.  Former Mayor Fred Hanna used the channel well, in regular programs,  set up like a talk show, in which in he would interview various aldermen or city department heads, and they would discuss things going on at the city level.

It is ironic that the ultra-conservative Hanna, who polarized much of Fayetteville, used the channel so well, and current mayor Dan Coody barely uses it at all.

A lot of folks - especially many of Coody's formerly enthusiastic supporters - would welcome the YouTube approach, should he ever consent to it.

I  would like to think that Dan might feel politically energized by the possibility talking to folks in such a manner.


Friday night, on "Doctor Who" (Sci Fi Channel) - Daleks in 1930s Manhattan! This scene probably won't happen, but I have this fantasy sequence in my mind:

Daleks versus New York City cab drivers.  As tough as the Daleks are, I think they would finally meet their match here.



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