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Tuesday News Blues



It's Happening Here Too: Fugitive emissions from gas well sites are caught on an infra-red video camera.  The footage is from a well-site in Texas and was obtained by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Comment from Dr. Theo Colborn, an expert on health issues associated with gas-drilling who has been mentioned on this blog numerous times, who viewed the raw video:

"The tanks you see in this picture can be found across the gas fields in the US. They look harmless as you drive by just like the other stationary equipment you see on well pads. Without an infrared camera, as in this case, that picks up the plume of the highly active volatile chemicals escaping from the tanks, no one would suspect that the tanks could possibly pose a public health problem. As natural gas extraction continues to increase, federal, state, and local public health authorities and regulatory agencies are unprepared to deal with the problem."

Good News:  Despite the fact that revenues from the severance tax fell way below expectations and that some employees have been layed off recently (I'm talking specifically about White County, though there might be others), two companies active in the Fayetteville Shale, Chesapeake Energy and Southwestern Energy, posted quarterly profits.   See Talk Business for more.

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