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Movie Monday



Back from vacation now.  Thanks for bearing with the dearth of posts.  Just thought I would point you toward a couple of videos to watch today.  One is a program (above) called GritTV.  The first segment of the program talks about the disastrous effects that natural gas drilling has had on certain areas of the country.  The report includes clips from a film by Josh Fox called Water Under Attack.  You can see numerous clips from the film on Fox's website

Also, another important documentary is soon-to-be-released and there's an effort to bring it here to Little Rock.  I'll let you know if that ever happens.  Sorry there's no video, but you can see the trailer by following this link.  I think this is an especially important film.  It shows the costs of gas drilling, not just in dollars and cents, but in the human cost.  Families forced to live near drilling sites, ruined water, etc.  I've heard some of the same from people right here in Arkansas.  The worst is one clip in which an old farmer talks about how a drilling company "wiped out the cemetary" he had built for his great grandfather.  I'm speechless. 

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