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Photo courtesy of Jason Doss

Eating Local: In Arkansas, it's easy.

Shopping Local: If you could just spend $50 at 3 local businesses, it would do wonders for the local economy.  Here's how it works

Disaster: The US Supreme Court says it's okay to dump solid waste in lakes even if you know it will kill all forms of life in the lake.  The case originated in Alaska, where Coeur Alaska applied for a permit to dump 4.5 million tons of mining waste into a nearby lake.  The US Court of Appeals overturned the permit, but now the supreme court has overturned that decision.  What does Alaska Governor Sarah Palin think about it?  She said it was "great news for Alaska," and a "green light for responsible resource development."  What planet do these people live on?  Does this mean that solid waste from natural gas drilling could be dumped in our lakes here in AR?  I've sent the question in to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

Last Ditch Attempt: Call your Reps to tell them to vote for the American Clean Energy and Security Act

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