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Thursday's Happenings



Recycle This: The recycling program put together for this year's Riverfest music festival seems to have been a glowing success.  Festival-goers were incentivized to recycle with free T-shirts.  Roby Brock at Talk Business has an excellent video about the program here.  The program saved 10 tons of recyclables from going into a landfill.  Organizers say the effort proves recycling can be cost-effective. 

Brockovich is Back: Erin Brockovich is leading a team of investigators in Texas to find out how chromium-6 (the same substance she found in Hinckley, CA) made its way into the water supply of Midland, TX.  The suspected source?  Schlumberger, and oil and gas drilling services company.  The company denies any connection, naturally.

Give Me My Money Back: An Ontario teachers group with significant holdings in Chesapeake Energy is suing the company over what they believe to be an excessive compensation package for CEO Aubrey McClendon.  "This is one of the few cases going forward with a lawsuit, said Nadine Côté, author of Executive Compensation: A Director’s Guide.  “As shareholders bring these cases forward and start to achieve success this may be the way (excessive pay) will come to an end,” she added.   More from the Financial Post.

In Case You Missed It: Check out my account of what happened at yesterday's Public Service Commission hearing over whether or not to allow Sierra Club, Audubon Arkansas and a citizen advocacy group to intervene in rate case hearings at the PSC.  It looks like a ruling will be issued by the end of the week.  It's hard to tell from the hearing yesterday which way the commissioners are leaning.  The petitioners have definitely made their case.  The AG's office has withdrawn their objection to the intervention.  Consumer and environmental groups are allowed to intervene in similar hearings in other states.  The PSC staff seems to think that citizens should not be able to organize into groups and participate in proceedings of this nature.   

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