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Wednesday's News



Behind Closed Doors: The Arkansas Public Service Commission will meet today to decide whether citizen and environmental groups are allowed to investigate whether SWEPCO's recent proposed rate increase of over $50 million per year is justified.  Walmart can.  We can't.  Be sure to check out this post from Eddy Moore at GreenAR by the Day.  The hearing will be today at 1:30 at the PSC headquarters, 1000 Center Street, Little Rock, AR 72201.

Pickens Plan: Natural gas is the way to go.  Who cares if its extraction is tearing up the beautiful landscape of the state and ruining our drinking water.  Pickens spoke at the Clinton School last night.  AB has more.

Quake: A fifth earthquake in Cleburne, Texas, has prompted city officials to hire a geologist.  Some suspect the rash of quakes are the result of natural gas drilling in the area. 

To and Fro: Sen. Casey's comments FOR legislation that would repeal a Bush administration loophole created for the natural gas industry and would require them to disclose the chemicals used in the hydraulic fracturing process.  Wall Street takes the opposing view.  

Science and Accountability: are back!

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