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Tuesday's News



Doomed?: Attorneys for a hunting club based near the Turk power plant site in Hempstead County are arguing that ADEQ issued the permit for the plant based on flawed data.  An attorney for SWEPCO fought back saying the coal plant would be the cleanest in the country.  But cleaner than what?  The fact that the plant is already under construction while an appeal is pending shows you how state regulators think about this issue.  Check out KUAR for more.  Check out this report for the facts on the Turk plant.

Drown Your Sorrows: Coal plants got you down?  Drink the pain away at Little Rock Green Drinks tonight at Star Bar.  I shouldn't be so cynical.  There'll be lots of good people to mingle with, I'm sure. 

Screwed: The governing board of the planned community of Fairfield Bay banned gas drilling in 2006 for fear of what it migh do to their land.  Now, they're re-thinking the deal.  Chesapeake has offered them $1.5 million plus a 2 percent royalty to drill on 4,600 acres.  Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't two percent paltry?  I think when Chesapeake signed a lease with Arkansas Game and Fish, the royalty was 20 percent.  I don't think the people of Fairfield Bay have any idea what's coming to them.  Here's a link.  Scroll down to the item posted on May 19.  KTHV has some video.

Pickens at Clinton School: An addiction to natural gas is better than an addiction to foreign oil.  Or is it?  I'm confused.  Pickens will present his plan tonight at the Great Hall of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center.  Lecture begins at 6 p.m. 

Waka Waka Waka: Wakarusa recap and some beautiful pics here.

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