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Monday News Round-up



From Above: Many an Arkansas politician has said that the natural gas drilling boom in the state was sent from heaven.  Well, here's a look at the drilling industry from on high, via Bluedaze.

Air Quality: Pulaski and Crittendon counties may not meet EPA air quality standards in the near future.

What the Frack?: Legislation to require companies to disclose the chemicals used in their hydraulic fracturing solutions is set to be introduced next week

No New Coal, literally: The US "coal cushion is dwindling," according to the Wall Street Journal.  "While there is almost certainly as much coal in the ground as Mr. Warholic's Energy Information Administration believes, relatively little of it can be profitably extracted. Last year, the U.S. Geological Survey completed an extensive analysis of Wyoming's Gillette coal field, the nation's largest and most productive, and determined that less than 6% of the coal in its biggest beds could be mined profitably, even at prices higher than today's."

Don't Know What to Make of This: Do you?  This Australian couple actually grows furniture

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