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Big News Round-up



Hot Air: A climate change denier group came to Little Rock a couple of days ago.  I didn't want to give them the space on this blog so I'm waiting until now to say anything about it.  Climtae change is getting on up there with evolution when it comes to scientific consensus.  These people are so Republican they're blinded by facts.   

It's Official: Coal is now the official state rock of West Virginia, the "Mountain State."  Check out these pictures from Swithcboard, showing how they get to the coal.  They cut the tops off the mountains!

To-Do: The Heifer Village is now open.  Head out this weekend to take a look. 

Not from Jacksonville...

Waste Makes Waste: Landowners in Griffithville are trying to stop a landfarm from operating in their back yard.  Also, Jacksonville Mayor Tommy Swaim is telling Waste Management they can no longer dump drilling mud in the city's landfill.  You might remember the stink here at the BFI landfill a couple weeks back. 

Dirty Air: A professor had predicted and a study now confirms that gas drilling in the Barnett Shale in Texas contributes about as much air pollution to the Dallas-Fort Worth are as car and truck traffic - which is to say, alot. 

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