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Well, the turbine at the Dunbar Community Center isn't up just yet, but that didn't stop local environmental groups from holding a press conference to talk about a recent poll that shows Arkansans prefer renewable energy sources to dirty fossil fuels like coal.  You can read an executive summary here.

When we asked likely voters in Arkansas about their support for a renewable portfolio standard (RPS), an energy efficiency standard (EES) and a carbon cap-and-trade system, we found that support for each one is high: more than four out of five voters support an RPS and an EES, and nearly two out of three support cap-and-trade.

You can see a complete list of the results here.  Some highlights:

  • When asked what would be the best approach to meeting the state's energy needs over the next ten years, 69 percent said reducing energy use while only 29 percent said producing more energy from coal and natural gas was the answer.
  • 51 percent say we should decrease use of coal.
  • 70 percent say we should increase use of natural gas.
  • 90 percent say we should increase use of renewable resources like solar, wind and biomass sources.


Both Rep. Kathy Webb and the Sierra Club's Glen Hooks talked about how the survey results should serve as a message to lawmakers that Arkansans want to move toward renewable energy.


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