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That Dog Won't Hunt



Tom Ricciardone, president of Thinc Marketing here in Little Rock, has launched an extensive, well-researched campaign to stop the Turk power plant now under construction in Hempstead County.  His website,, is a one-stop shopping center for anyone concerned about the new plant, the impact it will certainly have on the environment and public health of the citizens of this state.  Ricciardone prepared a very detailed report on the events leading up to the decision to build the plant and points out chinks in the armor of those who wish to complete it. 

Given what we know about the Turk Plant, we need to come together and reject as false and reckless that coal power—even so-called “clean coal”—remains a critical or even necessary underpinning of our future.

The stakes really are that high, the facts that compelling...

I have no “silent” backing or involvement from any natural gas, wind, solar or bio-diesel companies, lobbyists or trade groups. I have received no money from any environmental or conservation organizations including Audubon, The Sierra Club and The Nature Conservancy.

I promise to do whatever I can to create additional ads and content where needed, to refute the misinformation that may come your way from the multi-million dollar energy and “clean-coal” machine and other Turk proponents. I will do my best to share updates via twitter, facebook and the website.

But in the end, I’m one person. And I have a full-time job, one that I love, I need and I intend to keep. So please, get the facts, visit the Please Help page and get involved. I’ve made it easy for you.

Reports have shown that there is no need for more coal-fired plants in the United States, and that goes for Arkansas as well.  Most of the power generated from the plant will go to Texas and Louisiana.  We get all the pollution and fallout.  What a deal!

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