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Friday News Round-up


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On the Defensive: Execs from Centerpoint Energy and American Electric Power will be on hand today at the Clinton School.  They will no doubt be faced with questions from environmental groups about the logic of going forward with the Turk power plant.  From Max's post earlier today?

Irony, paradox, laughable? You choose.

But the Arkansas Public Service Commission, the nominally neutral arbiter of utility cases, is presenting a series of programs on sustainable energy. Today, at noon at the Clinton School, the speakers are CEO David McClanahan of CenterPoint Energy and CEO Mike Morris of American Electric Power, which is filling American air with coal-burning power plant emissions and wants to up the emissions count with a giant new coal-burner in Hempstead County to serve Texas (which doesn't want the plant). Sustainable energy at work.

Just in time to greet them is a new website,, an independent effort of Little Rock marketing executive Tom Ricciardone. He vows to do whatever he can in advertising and other means to refute the "clean coal" campaign.


Set 'em Up, Chop 'em Down: Duke Energy of North Carolina has announced plans to plant roughly 1 million trees on 1,700 acres here in Arkansas to off-set carbon emissions.  Arkansas Business has the story, but there's no mention of where these trees will be planted or who owns the land. 

The landowners retain the use of their acreage. In addition, Duke Energy said, they may see conservation tax benefits, access to federal money through programs such as the Agriculture Department's Conservation Reserve Program, and the right to harvest the timber grown on their land within the guidelines of the program.

This might work out pretty well for timber companies, eh?


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