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19 Cows Die at Chesapeake Well Site in Louisiana


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A video from the group "Drilling Reform for Texas" shows cattle drinking fluid near a drill site

Numerous accounts rolling in this morning about the deaths of 19 head of cattle near a Chesapeake drilling site in Louisiana.  An "unidentified substance" flowed from the drill site into a nearby pasture.  Authorities believe the cows ingested the mysterious fluid (likely frac fluid) before dying as there were tracks leading to and from the puddles.  From KATC.com:

Carol "C.C." Canady, president of United Neighbors for Oil and Gas Rights, said she saw at least four cows collapse and die.

"The cows' tongues hanging, bleeding off front and back, foaming at the mouth and bellowing" she said.

William Dubose said he captured video of yellowish-green fumes that smelled like a combination of antifreeze and petrochemical. 

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