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Prelude Breakfast Bar the place to go for breakfast anytime


  • Lacey Thacker
For the last stop of a three-day Fayetteville eating extravaganza, I chose Prelude Breakfast Bar. I’d heard rave reviews about it from a Fayetteville resident (and been constantly subjected to photos of their menu items via social media shares), so I was primed for breakfast-for-lunch.

Prelude Breakfast Bar is located at 509 W. Spring Street in suite 210. The restaurant is just off Dickson Street in a sunlit space perfect for cozying up with coffee and a friend. We arrived about 1pm to our choice of seating, as only one other table was used the entire time we were there. Our waiter was friendly and attentive but not badgering.

The menu was not the most expansive I’ve ever seen, but I applaud them for that. Instead of a developing a vast menu to try and please every palate, they stick with what they do best. I decided to indulge my recent penchant for breakfast tacos, while my companion ordered the Green Mystery Omelet, and we each opted for plain coffee with cream.

Prelude’s breakfast tacos were as beautiful as they were delicious. Served with chicken chorizo, fried egg, pico, and peppers, they were a plate of complex flavors that didn’t quite hit the top spot on my list of favorite versions, but certainly made the list. Since each taco comes with a whole egg plus the chorizo and other toppings, you will be full when you leave the table, and you may even leave with leftovers.

  • Lacey Thacker
My companion’s omelet was also top notch, full of spinach and avocado that created a healthy-in-a-good-way amalgamation, but it was the potatoes that really stole the show. Several different potato varieties were included, all crispy on the outside and seasoned with salt and a little onion. They were potatoes to savor one small, flavorful bite at a time.

The coffee was what I’ve come to expect from most places in Arkansas: good, smooth, and worth drinking a second cup. If you’re in Fayetteville craving breakfast food, give Prelude Breakfast Bar a try. The quiet spot offers respite, and when you leave you’ll be satisfied, caffeinated, and ready to tackle the day.

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