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Mudrinich solo show at Cantrell Gallery: Landscapes and bees


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David Mudrinich, "Morning Fog"
  • David Mudrinich, "Morning Fog"

Cantrell Gallery will open its first solo show of the paintings and drawings of Arkansas Tech University art professor David Mudrinich on Friday, Nov. 4, with a reception from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Mudrinich, a talented artist so shy his only online touts are his Arkansas Tech University faculty page and his Arkansas Arts Council page linked above, has shown locally at Arkansas Capital Commerce Corp. in the River Market District. He's known for his fine brush marks and love of beehives as subject matter.

In the Cantrell exhibition, he’ll show his series on apiaries he’s found in abandoned places, which he says show a “regeneration of purpose in what was once an active place,” along with his atmosphere river valley landscapes. After the New Year, the gallery will move its operation into the single storefront at 8208 Cantrell Road; the owners will announce details of a sale soon.

Here is Mudrinich's full artist's statement:

“As an artist, I have always been intrigued with a sense of place and the various characteristics that make any particular location unique. This can include the natural geographic features of the landscape as well as the visual impact that human activity has left on the land.

I mostly do drawings and smaller color studies on site and then work a larger piece in the studio. I rely on memory and will occasionally include a photograph to help as a reference, but the full experience of actually being within the color and sound of a particular place is what I find enjoyable and motivating. Patterns, rhythms and interrelationships become more revealed. Everything within the environment is subject to change, whether it is the movement of the wind, the transition from day to night, the change of the seasons or human alterations of the land. This condition of continuous change allows me to visit a place repeatedly and always experience something new.

This exhibit includes some expansive views of space, some on-site studies, and a subgroup of works based on more intimate observations. Within this last grouping, I have been creating a series on beehives. The farm next to where I live has a bee yard that I see every day. I am always intrigued by the visual rhythm created as the hives are placed within the landscape. Many of the other apiaries I come across are at abandoned locations that were once a home, a school or business. They symbolize a regeneration of purpose in what was once an active place. Sometimes their arrangement at a place even seems to make a suggestion about measuring time… resembling, in my mind, Stonehenge or some sort of ancient sundial configuration.”
David Mudrinich, "Matthew's Arbor"
  • David Mudrinich, "Matthew's Arbor"

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