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Learning about juice cleanses with I Love Juice Bar


Juice cleanses are healthy, delicious and customizable.
  • Juice cleanses are healthy, delicious and customizable.

Little Rock's newest hot spot for healthy eating is I Love Juice Bar, and in addition to the delicious juices, smoothies and food items the restaurant provides, the Juice Bar team also wants its customers to know all about how to use fresh juices as part of a healthy lifestyle. "Many of us are lacking sufficient levels of essential vitamins and minerals," says Allie Lindley, Juice Bar's general manager. "Much of the time, this is due to diet, stress—or a combination of the two." To help combat the damage that poor diet and stressful living inflict on the body, Lindley recommends trying one of the Midtown juice bar's juice cleanses.

Juice cleanses, popularly referred to as "juicing" or "juice fasting," can offer numerous benefits, including general body detoxification and increases to the body's immune system, energy levels, mood and focus. "Doing a juice cleanse with us is a great way to kick start a healthy lifestyle," says Lindley, adding that using juice to replenish essential micro-nutrients can also improve skin complexion and overall levels of health.

Co-owner Jake Keet has become a convert to juice cleanses after recently undergoing a three day cleanse with friends. “The results were good across the board, with everyone feeling healthier and a little bit lighter in the waistband," says Keet. "I was encouraged by the results enough to want to attempt a full week cleanse next month. For the beginner looking to manage their weight, they can always take a less drastic approach and sub in a juice or smoothie for their breakfast or lunch. We also offer cleanses where you can sub out your breakfast and lunch for a juice and get to enjoy our kale-quinoa salad for your dinner. This approach may be easier than a straight up cleanse for the novice. All of the juices are made fresh and can be customized to your liking. The recipes are chef driven, so people will have a good opportunity to try something both unique and delicious!”

Interested in trying a juice cleanse for yourself? The knowledgeable team at Juice Bar stands ready to help with their one-day-at-a-time approach to juice cleanses—no matter your level of experience with juicing. For beginners, there is the "Juice to Dinner" cleanse, which includes 4 juices from the cleanse menu, 2 bottles of Real Water, an alkaline water that helps reset the body's pH levels, and one large spinach and quinoa salad. And if you return your mason jars or bring your own, the Juice Bar will give you $1.50 off for each jar!

More experienced juicers will find a lot to love about Juice Bar's customizable juices, including juices based on things like fresh greens, beets and carrots. This wealth of fresh produce gives customers the opportunity to mix their own concoctions—even things that aren't on the regular menu. This is a great feature for people with dietary restrictions who still want to eat as healthy as possible.

Have questions about juice cleanses? Want to know how to best get started? Stop by the I Love Juice Bar in the Midtown Shopping Center and let the staff tell you all about everything that's available—and how you can add fresh vegetable and fruit juices to your diet.