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New music from Gold, St. Jermaine, Liquid Skulls, Solo Jaxon and more


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1. Gold - "Do Me"

The latest from 23-year-old Gold, formerly Reggie Gold of Young Gods of America, who here compares himself to Master P and meth.

2. Liquid Skulls - "Rituals"

I talked to Liquid Skulls for the paper a couple of weeks ago, and he explained that the recording project "was formed out of cobwebs, boredom, sloppiness, euphoria, joblessness, fleeting moments, liquid curses and lost responsibilities." All of this comes through in his new track "Rituals," which sounds like a computer projection of a pop song wrapped in bubble-wrap and stomped on.

3. Coyote Voicemail - "Cherilyne" 

Oddly uplifting, out-of-tune lo-fi pop out of Harrison, Ark. Very '90s and earnest. I'd ride a bike to this.

4. St. Jermaine - "Just Touch Down"

This is the first I've heard of Conway's St. Jermaine, and it's pretty good — also his pit bull drinks Bud Light, which is either impressive or troubling. Greenwood Studio is a secret weapon.

5. NEON GHO$T - "Zantetsuken II"

Little Rock native NEON GHO$T makes the kind of grimy, fugitive hip-hop that you have to stumble on, probably in a dark corner of a basement somewhere, or in hell (his current location, according to Twitter). Also check out his new single "Gunjack," produced by Yuni Wa — gothic and gorgeous. 

6. Solo Jaxon ft. Goon des Garcons - "No Reason"

Speaking of Young Gods of America, here's Goon des Garcons with a guest verse for Little Rock's Solo Jaxon. It's droning and dramatic, with production that sounds like recent Kanye. 


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