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Welcome to Alexa's Creperie



The anticipation of a new restaurant opening can be nerve racking for foodies. We all want to be the first one through the door to give the new menu a try, and of course, give our opinion of how good it is. We wait and wait. Then, finally, the doors open and we get our chance to check it out. The opening of Alexa’s Creperie in Hot Springs was one of those highly anticipated openings.

When I made my first visit, my choice was one of their savory crepes: egg and cheese with ham. I also had them add mushrooms and tomatoes. Knowing that my food will be cooked to order, I had my mind set on a long wait for my food. I ordered coffee while I waited. My wait wasn’t as long as I had anticipated, and within 15 minutes my order was placed in front of me. Visually, it was a masterpiece. The creamy sauce drizzled on top resembled a ranch dressing, but it was actually a sour cream sauce with a hint of lime. The crepe was also garnished with green onions. As I took my fork and cut into my crepe, longing for the first bite, I noticed just how full it was stuffed. To my surprise, the eggs were hard boiled and sliced, not scrambled. It was a pleasant surprise though. The crepe itself had a bit of sweetness, which was a great contrast to the mildly salty ham and earthy mushrooms. The crunch of the green onions added another dimension, right along with the creamy drizzle on top. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had to try the sweet crepes, and I was right. I was back the next day to see what Alexa’s had in store for my taste buds.

On my next visit, the only thing on my mind was a sweet crepe. My choice was the #11. It has fresh strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and whipped cream. I had a scoop of vanilla ice cream added for good measure. My wait was half of what it was on my first visit. But honestly, when it comes to great food, I really don’t mind the wait. The crepe on my second visit was served at a higher temperature than the previous. The melting ice cream paired well with the warm crepe and brightness of the fresh fruit. The pop of the fresh blue berries put the dish on the next level for me, and having them served outside the crepe also added to the visual appeal. There are so many options to choose from. Pick one of their signature crepes, or create your own.

I have made many more trips to Alexa's, and many more are in my future. With everything made to order from fresh ingredients, warm and inviting décor, great service, and attention to every detail, I think that Alexa’s Creperie has a bright future in the Hot Springs food scene.

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