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Locs Off Wolfe, Kanye West's font, the destruction of the Pacific Northwest and more

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In the amazing trove of artifacts loaned to us by LRPD gang intelligence Det. Todd Hurd for this week's cover story "Haunted City: An Oral History of the Little Rock Gang Wars" were gang-related shirts, hats, beads, fake guns and jewelry. Also included, buried under it all, was one cassette tape of a 1994 rap album called "All About that Dolla," by a group called Locs off Wolfe. While the album isn't all that groundbreaking musically, it's important as a sonic relic just because of what it is: a surviving copy of an album produced by a Little Rock street gang — in this case, the notorious Wolfe Street Crips. Will Stephenson was kind enough to have somebody digitize it, and you can listen to it here. — David Koon

I've never been there, but I've always been a fan of the Pacific Northwest — we can all agree the region has many fine geographical and cultural properties. Which makes it all the more upsetting that it will soon be destroyed. This, anyway, is the persuasively argued thesis of a long essay by Katheryn Schulz in this week's New Yorker. Have you ever heard of the Cascadia subduction zone? I hadn't either. Read the story, though, and you'll never forget it. You'll be haunted by visions of a "seven-hundred-mile liquid wall" decimating the Northwest coast of the U.S., leaving it "unrecognizable." The story is beautifully written, compelling from start to finish, and almost comically dire. If you or your loved ones still insist on living in Seattle or Portland after reading list, well, good luck. — Will Stephenson

Yeezy Display
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Yeezy Display
: That is the name of the font Tyler Fink designed for Kanye West. And when I say "for" I mean that Kanye is the only one allowed to buy it, for $50,000. It is proud, obtuse and glamorous, just like its ideal (hoped-for) owner. I recommend watching the "Bound 2" video, in which Tyler Fink overlaid the lyrics in Yeesy Display. — Bryan Moats

I have a really bad habit of quickly typing text messages and pressing send without re-reading them. Often times the messages go to the wrong person, or my tone is harsher than intended, or or auto-correct simply decides on an entirely different message without my consent. Regret, anger and frustration set in and all I can do is wait for a reply. I know I'm not the only one who wishes they could go back in time or have a do over button. In March, Maci Peterson launched an app called On Second Thought that's as close to a do-over button you're going to get. The breakthrough app lets you recall or delete text messages with the swipe of your finger before they are sent. There's also a feature called "curfew" for those nights on the town when you know you might have had a bit too much to drink. You set the time for curfew to begin and all the messages you try to send after that time will be held until the next morning. Once the “curfew” expires, you can look back and see which messages you still want to send, and the others you might not. The app is currently only available for Android users but they are looking to expand to iOS in the near future. Check out their website and promo video here. — Kaya Herron

I recommend Times publisher Alan Leveritt's heirloom tomatoes. He frequently drops a load at Edwards Food Giant. You can't go wrong with these organic beauties. Well, not always beautiful, but that's the organic way. Red, gold, purple, green. Slice a bunch of them. Lay them on a deep platter. Salt and pepper them. Eat. And don't forget to slurp the juice that's left over. — Max Brantley

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