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New music from Teenagers, DMP, Liquid Skulls, Yuni Wa and more


  • Teenagers

1. Teenagers - "We Were Young Once"
Here's something new from Fayetteville band Teenagers' new EP "Wheezin' The Juice." I'd love to say something sharp and coherent about it, but nothing comes to mind. To free associate instead: San Diego, Rickenbacker, The Strokes, Capri Sun, longboards, mezcal.

2. DMP - "Cash In My Bag"
As angular and minimal as I've ever known DMP to be — an anthem designed for driving or for dancing subtly in kitchens. Just take Kari Faux's word for it.

3. Liquid Skulls - "CHLV8"
I don't know how Little Rock's Liquid Skulls turned up on the new compilation from French label Anywave Records (titled "Wavecore 4" and accurately described by the label as "a summer collection of deviant mental landscapes and strangely populated dance floors"), but I'm glad it happened. Listen at Bandcamp — or the CD can be yours for 12 euros. 

4. LRG ft. Kingsly & Glady - "Our Song"
A stand-out from the very confusing and occasionally off-putting "Best of LRG" compilation released by Fayetteville art-rock label Let's Talk Figures. If you know what LRG is (a band? a person? a place?) you know more about them than I do, but this is kinda inspiring in spite of itself. 

5. Yuni Wa - "For You"
Yuni Wa is a great and very young and enigmatic Little Rock producer, who is not afraid to ask the tough questions

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