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Ribs at South on Main a Valentine's highlight


  • Matt Bell

For Valentine's Day, Jess wanted only one thing:  Dinner at South on Main. It's actually been awhile since we last ate there, and the quiet, elegantly casual dining space seemed a perfect fit for romance. 

Wait, did I say romance? I meant ribs.

Because as good as my entree of ham-wrapped rabbit loin and gnocchi was, and as perfect as the wife's ribeye was cooked, it was the barbecue rib special that really blew me away. These ribs were just fatty enough not to be dry, cooked just long enough to be tender without being mushy, and coated with a rub that was a salty/sweet masterpiece. To top it off, just a touch of spicy barbecue sauce. Perfection.

What really made this dish special was one of the best slaws I've ever eaten. I asked Matt Bell how he did it, and he said that the cabbage was lightly pickled before being dressed, a technique I've never heard of — but one I want to try myself. This slaw was crunchy, with a piquant flavor to the cabbage that was lovingly caressed by the silky mayonnaise dressing. A bit of slaw coupled with a bite of rib — heavenly.

The rib special will be around for a little while longer, so get yourself down to South on Main and get some of these tasty treats into your face. You'll thank Hernando de Soto for bringing pigs to the New World in the first place.

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