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New music from NOUNS, Rino El Camino, DMZ, OsiSteele and LRG PZA



1. NOUNS - "Weird Beard"

Here's something from Conway punk band NOUNS, from a split EP they released this week with HeadCold called "Downer." This first thing that strikes you is the defiantly ugly album art, which looks like a collage commemorating a boring summer camp. Also, though, the art reflects this song perfectly: messy and maximalist and awkwardly colored. There's a lot of glitchy Casio noodling and angry post-hardcore energy and also it seems like they're having a good time. 

2. Rino El Camino - "Shinigami"

A month ago we wrote about Rino's first EP, "1947," and already he's gone and made another one, "AISU." Also, he might be going by the name Blunt God now, it's not entirely clear. This song is furious and cool, though, and closes with some heartwarming Little Rock rap pride. Like the man says, "Now just sit and watch."

3. DMZ - "Minor Chords"

Full disclosure: Gerard Matthews used to work here. That was before my time, though, and now, among other things, he makes ambient music under the name DMZ — deceptively expansive, guitar-and-effects-pedal drone works that are best experienced while climbing a mountain or ice-fishing or landing a spacecraft on a comet.


Whatever you think of Fayetteville's Let's Talk Figures label, they're putting out some of the strangest and most distinctively new-sounding music in the state these days. And one thing Arkansas music definitively doesn't need is more of the same. This latest release, an EP called "JOHN LEMON," is a collaboration between the producers LRG and PZA.

5. OsiSteele ft. Osyrus Bolly - "The Life of a Pharoah"

Something new from Little Rock's OsiSteele and Osyrus Bolly, for the Egyptian lovers among us (complete with references to Hieroglyphics and Living Legends).

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