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Big Piph announces five-episode documentary, 'I Am Not Them' (Trailer)



Globetrotting Little Rock rapper-activist Big Piph has announced the release of a new, five-part, autobiographical documentary series focusing on his music and his education and relief efforts abroad and locally, through his organization Global Kids Arkansas. The series will premiere tomorrow and was directed by Arkansas Times Visionary Kenneth Bell. In February, Piph and his band Tomorrow Maybe will travel to Morocco, Algeria and Equatorial Guinea via the American Music Abroad program, and you can catch them live at the Ron Robinson Theater on Nov. 21 courtesy of Arkansas Sounds

As he explained on Facebook:

Ever since my overseas tours and sabbatical in 2012, I've had a vision I've been working towards that connects with what I believe to be my larger purpose in life. However, I discovered that when I tend to talk about the ideas with most folks, their eyes either glaze over, they regret asking me about what I got moving, or they question what strains of herb I indulge in. As a result, I tend to chill off discussing that much. Anyway, this show was created not to show off or brag, but just to share some of my ideas, experiences, and quest with ya'll in a cool-like and entertaining fashion. With that said, we're premiering the show tomorrow and have a trailer for you later today. And lastly, shout out to my dude Kenneth Bell for producing, directing, and shooting it fueled by our shared mindset to challenge ourselves to forever make dope junk. Hope ya'll feel it....

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