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Painter Ramsey in Big Easy mag


"Cure," by Grace Mikell Ramsey
  • "Cure," by Grace Mikell Ramsey

Momma Tried
, "an ad-free conceptual nudie mag exhibiting literary and visual arts, subversive humor, and non-heteronormative perspectives on sexuality," features a painting by Grace Mikell Ramsey, formerly of Little Rock and now working in the wilds north of here. The Huffington Post writes about the magazine:

... Momma Tried is more of a body and sex positive art journal than it is an old-school porn rag. Sure it's NSFW (it is a nudie mag after all), but [co-creator Theo] Eliezer and [co-creator Micah] Learned said nudity and sex doesn't have to be naughty — a naked body isn't inherently graphic. Unlike self-identified porno mags that utilize the naked body in a overtly sexual way tailored to the male gaze, Momma Tried features the naked body in an art setting. While it doesn't shy away from being provocative, it's not a magazine they want their readers to hide.

Judging by the artwork included in the Huff Post article, Ramsey's work has to be the tamest in the mag, published through a Kickstarter effort in New Orleans.

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