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At U.S. Pizza, Judy's Favorite is ours, too


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  • Michael Roberts

Times must be good for U.S. Pizza. A couple of years ago, the Arkansas pizza chain opened a huge, attractive location in Bryant that was one of my go-to places for dinner during my days of Saline County residency, and they've just recently reopened an entirely rebuilt location in the Heights. It was to this location that the wife and I went recently to grab one of our favorite pies in town — the Judy's Favorite. The new space is attractive, with high ceilings and a lot of open windows, and the number of little people running around showed us that this must be the main family pizza joint for that part of town. Service was quick and efficient, and we were munching on a starter of Chips and Dip (Lay's potato chips with creamy Italian dressing — feel free to judge me on that one, but it's good) in no time, with our pie following soon after. 

Named for owner Judy Waller, the Judy's Favorite is a light, tasty pizza that makes for a great alternative to meat-heavy options — because as much as I love a good slice of greasy pepperoni, the recent arrival of hot weather has me looking for something a little fresher. This pizza is loaded with good stuff: turkey, artichokes, spinach, and tomatoes, all covered with mozzarella and feta cheese on top of U.S. Pizza's signature thin, cracker-like crust. Being the thin crust fan that I am, it's the perfect pie for me.

If there's any downside to U.S. Pizza it's that toppings can sometimes be uneven and rather skimpy. Our pizza this time around had a decent distribution of artichokes and tomatoes, but the turkey and feta were mostly on one side of the pie — and we could have gone for more of both. Still, when trading up from Domino's or Papa John's, this pizza is downright gourmet, and it warms up nicely for a snack later.

I've been eating U.S. Pizza since my college days in Fayetteville (back in the early Neolithic), so this pizza is one of my ultimate comfort foods. It's a nice way to branch out from more standard pies, and I'd rate it one of my favorite pizzas in town.


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