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Splice Microcinema announces upcoming lineup ... in the form of a word search


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Any film fans who were at Splice Microcinema's screening of "The Trial" Wednesday night were thrilled to hear that the group would be announcing its next twelve film screenings. Unfortunately there's a catch, and the catch is that you have to locate them yourself in this arduous word search. According to their Facebook page, the "first person to comment the titles of all 12 films gets one of our limited edition Splice T-shirts."

The alternative / underground screening series has been an incredibly cool addition to the sparse Little Rock cinema landscape, and they also announced that they'd be relocating  the series (beginning next month) from Vino's to a brand new, collaborative art & design space above Lulav called Few. No word yet on whether beer and pizza will be available at the new spot. 

About that word search — we're also given three hints: "(1) three of the films are relatively short & will be programmed alongside other works, (2) one film has no business being in a word search because, well, it isn't a word. Look closely within the puzzle for a giveaway. (3) as usual, all films will be projected on old 16mm film—so Transformers 6 unfortunately isn't one of them." Good luck, be quick and drop your results on their Facebook post before anyone else does. 

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