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Shopping at Sotheby's for Ms. Walton


Du Bois' "Nude in an Interior"
  • Du Bois' "Nude in an Interior"

My Fayetteville art maven friend sent me a funny text today: 

Looking @ Sotheby's upcoming American auction ... Think AW will want Demuth's "Two Sailors." 

Cloar's "Big House on Big Flat"
  • Cloar's "Big House on Big Flat"
And that reminded me that I meant to post the things I'd like Alice Walton to pick up for Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art at Sotheby's American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture auction April 16. Such as Carroll Cloar's "The Big House in Big Flat," an oil on Masonite dated 1975, estimated to sell at the bargain rate of $20,000 to $30,000. Bring on the Cloars is what I always say. 

Jack Levine's 25 by 30 inch oil "The Banquet" would go nicely with the museum's terrific Levine "The Arms Brokers." And since I'm a Charles Ephraim Burchfield fanatic, I'd also be happy to see Walton (or any other donor to CBMAA) to buy the little watercolor and gouache "February Wind and Sunlight (The Wind Harp)," which I love as much for the artwork as the idea of trees as harp (estimate $80,000-$120,000). In fact, buy all the Burchfields on the market, AW!
Burchfield's "February Wind and Sunlight (The Wind Harp)"
  • Burchfield's "February Wind and Sunlight (The Wind Harp)"
Elizabeth Catlett's tiny terracotta 
Catlett's "Woman Fixing her Hair"
  • Catlett's "Woman Fixing her Hair"
"Woman Fixing her Hair" is quite beautiful (estimate $60,000 to $80,000), and John Singer Sargent's "Interior of a Shop (Cairo)" would be a nice addition to the museum's Sargent collection. John Henry Twachtman's "The Red Maple" is a must (oil on canvas, ca. 1890s, estimate $40,000 to $60,000), isn't it? (Virtual shopping for Walton is such fun.)
Nor should Walton pass up Guy Pene du Bois' scrumptious red "Nude in an Interior" ($30,000 to $40,000 estimate for the oil). 

About Demuth's "Two Sailors": Fayetteville art maven is such a card! No, AW probably won't buy it for CBMAA. But maybe for her new penthouse! OK, before you scroll down, penis alert!

Demuth's "Two Sailors Urinating."
  • Demuth's "Two Sailors Urinating."

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