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The world needs more Wigglegrams



We're regularly hit up to help plug Kickstarter campaigns. We rarely do. Why? Because most Kickstarter campaigns are not very good. The Internet does not need to pay for you to make a horror musical film inspired by your high school experience and featuring vagina dentata.

But we here at Arkansas Times HQ are wholly onboard with Bob Weisz' project to raise money for his Nimslo four-lens camera. Our support, we'll admit, is partly nepotistic as Bob is the Times New Orleans-based multimedia consultant. But mostly we're into the Nimslo because it takes killer GIFS, wagging animated photos that Weisz calls Wigglegrams. The pitch video above is a masterpiece. 

It looks like Weisz has reached his goal, but that's no reason to stop giving. Maybe he can raise enough to put a fifth lens on!
Bob Weisz's Four Realz

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