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Discovery Channel comes to the 'Ozarks'



According to the Hollywood Reporter, Discovery Channel will premiere a new six-episode show on Feb. 25 about a family rivalry in Hardy, Arkansas, called "Clash of the Ozarks."

In the press release, we learn that Hardy is "a land where emotions and territory conflicts outweigh a law-abiding society as the townspeople fight to protect what is theirs." One of the main characters of the show is a typical citizen of Arkansas named Crowbar who, as is our custom, "seeks only to work his land and hunt for what he needs to survive." His nemesis is a man named Kerry Evans, who was naturally "raised on the south side of the tracks in a tiny one-room house." Secondary characters include "a mountain man who doesn’t own a pair of shoes and hasn’t lived in a house for years" and "Sevella, a tough gun-toting elderly woman who is fiercely protective of her family and is rumored to be clairvoyant." 

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