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50 50 50: Bing


"Crazy Quilt" by Ida Spidel King Bing
  • "Crazy Quilt" by Ida Spidel King Bing

A work by a quilter with the unlikely name of Ida Spidel King Bing (1870-1963) is hanging in the atrium  of  the  Arkansas Arts Center, this week's choice for the "50 Works 50 Weeks 50 Years" exhibit marking the Arts Center's 50th anniversary. 

"Crazy Quilt" was completed circa 1920 and was a gift to the Arts Center by Mrs. Howard C. Farison in 1988. It was chosen for exhibition by Erin Larkin, the Children's Theatre costume designer.

(Found on ancestry.com: Ida Spidel was married to Whit King and Cal Bing.)


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