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Tie one on — an apron — for Our House


Amy Bell's "Aspen"
  • Amy Bell's "Aspen"

Aprons created by artists and accompanying items go on the auction block Thursday to benefit Our House when the 7th annual "Tie One On" benefit kicks off at 6 p.m. at the Pavilion in the Park. The live auction starts at 7:45 p.m.; there's a silent auction as well.

Our House is a shelter for the working poor. The tickets to the auction are $55, an amount that pays for one of the following, according to Our House: 

*one week of shelter for an adult
*one week of adult basic education and job training
*one week of Our House's after-school program for one homeless youth
*one week of licensed, curriculum-based child care for a homeless child

The beauty of the Internet means I can provide the long list of names of all who have contributed to the auction, and here it is: 

Steve Adair
Catherine Burton's "Hunting"
  • Catherine Burton's "Hunting"

Bryan Adams
Suzon Aubry
Beth Beam
Amy Bell
Christy Bourns
Mary Bowden
Wyn Bowden
Mary Bowden
William Boyd
Joseph Brajacki
Endia Bumgarner
Catherine Burton
Jessica Carder
Susie Coleman
Patrick Cunningham
Samantha Curran
Lois Davis
Virmarie Depoyster
Linda DeYmaz
Kim Doughty
Amber Estrada
Jennifer Freeman
Meggie Green
Jann Greenland
Laura Gunnels
Susie Jacoby stepped away from the apron theme.
  • Susie Jacoby stepped away from the apron theme.

Brittany Hallmark
Diane Harper
Louise Harris
Susan Harris
Vickie Hendrix-Siebenmargen
Amy Hester
Morgan Hill
Debby Hinson
Julie Holt
Jeff Horton
Kristen Hulse
Andy Huss
Michael Inscoe
Susie Jacoby
Nancy Jordan
Doug Norton's River Market apron
  • Doug Norton's River Market apron

Glenda Josephson
Amanda Kella
Amanda Kella
Elaine Kelly
Lauren Kinder
Chris King
John Kushmaul
Missy Lipps
Brittany Lord
Lynda Louthian
Macy Madison
Katy Mann
Joe Martin
Betty McBurnett
Kristin McClaslin
Emily Wood's "Beach Getaway"
  • Emily Wood's "Beach Getaway"

Matt McLeod
Star Miller
Patty Monoson
Michelle Moore
Nicole Morgan
Mary Lynn Nelson
Sandy Newberg
Leslie Nice
Kelly Nichols
Doug Norton
Holly Norwood
Ben Paladino
Bek Phelan
Debbie Poe
Dave Raymond
Michelle Rhodes
Elle Roy
Brittan Sanders
Diana Shearon
Scotty Shively
Mary Shue
Mary Shue
Dee Shulten
Marty Smith
Lynda Sorrells
Nancy Steenburgen
Samantha Switzer
Lindsey Taggart
Byron Taylor
Dan Thornhill
Alyx Vanness
Leah Wachowiak
Jennifer Waymack
Stacy Wilson
Emily Wood
Cindy Yokem
Miranda Young

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