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Food Feedback (Black) Friday



Jessicas coconut cream pie
  • Jessica's coconut cream pie

The greatest food day of the year has come and gone. Wipe away your tears, friends. It will be back next year. Right now it’s time to focus on buying as much as you can, as fast as you can, no matter the cost.

Seriously though, what did you eat yesterday? Please tell me there was pie…it would be a crime if you did not eat pie yesterday.

Maybe even more importantly, how are you utilizing your leftovers? I’m sure some of you have some good uses for that turkey.

With all your family in town this weekend, please, eat local. Your local restaurants are working extra hard this time of year to feed this city, and they deserve your support.

And so, once again, we ask for your cherished feedback…what you’re eating, where it’s happening, what you like, and what you despise. We want to hear it all. Go time.

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