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Tuesday To-Do: The Sword


The Sword plays at Downtown Music Hall Tuesday.
  • The Sword plays at Downtown Music Hall Tuesday.

7:30 p.m. Downtown Music Hall. Juanita's. $15.

It seems that Austin metal outfit The Sword often gets saddled with the "doomy sludge metal" shorthand. But that gives short shrift to a band that incorporates a lot more than just Sabbath-y riffs into its repertoire. I hear a lot of their fellow Texans ZZ Top in The Sword's sound, along with a good bit of Groundhogs-esque heavy blues as well as an overarching classic rock vibe that shows that the band has listened to and absorbed much more than just the first six Sabbath albums (undeniably brilliant though they are).

All in all, these sounds are spun into a whole that's pretty killer. The group is still touring for last year's excellent "Apocryphon" full-length. A trusted peer of mine saw the band about this time last year at Downtown Music Hall and said they were incredibly tight live.

On tour with The Sword are Austin's American Sharks, a group that sounds a bit like if Blue Cheer took about six Adderall and downed a bum-jug of Carlo Rossi Sangria. Also performing: The mighty Seahag and Little Rock prog-metal outfit Enchiridion.

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