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Living history tomorrow at Old State House



Here's the teaser from the Old State House Museum press office on its Civil War living history event for families tomorrow: 

One Minnesotan described Little Rock as “one of the prettiest towns I have seen down South.” Olof Liljegren of the Third Minnesota reported, “This town is full of union people and . . . [a] good many deserted and took the oath of alleigeans,” which was confirmed by Iowan Edward Rolfe who wrote that “there is the Most union people here of any town . . . and hundreds are coming in to take the Oath every day.” Wisconsinite Edward Redington confided to his wife that “the inhabitants here seem more loyal than any that I have seen South. Many of them seem almost wild with joy,” a condition explained, perhaps, by Missourian F.M. Emmons, who explained that Little Rock “has always been called by the Rebs an Abolition hole.” 

Little Rock's abolitionist tendencies are something to be proud of, and families can see them acted out from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. tomorrow at the Old State House Museum. 

One hundred fifty years ago in September, Frederick Steele's federal army took Little Rock. Portraying life after the retreat of the rebels will be more than 30 costumed interpreters, there on the lawn of what was the site of federal command headquarters. There will be firing demonstrations, programs on military justice, children's period games and portrayals of everyday life in Little Rock during the Civil War. The event is free; call 324-9685 for more information. 

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