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Food Feedback Friday: Facebook, food trucks, fundraisers




It’s cooling down out there, but the Little Rock food scene is still hot. We’re keeping warm with a number of spectacular dishes around The Rock lately…just keep it tuned into Eat Arkansas for all your dining needs.

Here’s a few things happening around town:

First, a plug for a nice piece written by my friend, Kevin Shalin at The Mighty Rib. He’s assembled a write-up on the state of social media use among Little Rock restaurants. I’m similarly baffled by most businesses’ inability to embrace the wonderful opportunities afforded through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. Personally, I find that a strong social media presence significantly influences my decisions on where to eat. If I can see what’s being served on a daily basis or which of my friends are eating there, I’m much more likely to eat at such an establishment. Get on board with social media, Little Rock…you are only hurting yourself by neglecting to do so.

Next week, we’ll see the return of the Westover Hills Wednesday Food Truck Meet. The event will be held in the Heights at 6400 Richard Hardie Drive from 5-8 pm. Check out the Facebook group here. You’ll find kBird, Southern Gourmasian, Waffle Wagon (folks, if you haven’t tried these guys yet, make this your life’s mission), Pizzeria Santa Lucia, and Blackhound BBQ (a newish outfit out of Jacksonville I plan on sampling). I’ll be there, come say hello. I’ve been longing for a good food truck rally since the closure of the Bernice Gardens events.

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans is a nonprofit organization that helps celebrate the history and culture of food and drink from all over the South. The organization hopes to place a permanent Arkansas exhibit in the museum, what would hopefully be a 15,00 sq. foot space honoring the culinary culture of The Natural State. There will be a fundraiser for the Arkansas exhibit on Thursday, November 21 at the Capital Hotel from 6:30 to 9 pm. The event will feature food and wine stations featuring pairings of Arkansas food with Presqu’ile wines. The cost is $125 per person. For information and an invitation to the event email

AND…it’s Food Feedback Friday. You know what to do.

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